Our approach to residential care is simple. We aim to improve the quality of life for our residents ensuring we make a positive difference to our residents in every way. We plan highly personalised care, activities and other experiences to meet each individual’s residents needs and wishes. Excellent care is not just about receiving professional care in lovely surroundings but also being able to plan, enjoy living and looking forward to days ahead.

The facilities and activities provided focus on making life both more manageable and enjoyable. Whilst we of course offer assistance with all aspects of personal care we try to put the good things back into life with our emphasis on great company, great food, new experiences, friendships and fun.

Our manager and highly trained committed care staff are on hand 24 hours a day offering your plan of care, medication management, an extensive programme of activities, hobbies, entertainment and learning. We are exceptionally proud of the fact that since the day we opened, we have NEVER once employed the services of agency staff. Ever. With the support of local GP’s, visiting physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropodists, community nurses, opticians, dentists, beauticians and hairdressers, we aim to meet both physical and emotional needs providing each resident control and choice over every aspect of their life. We focus on promoting independence, being involved, making the right lifestyle choices, personalising bedroom suites, and identifying those things that matter to each resident. We make opportunities to develop new skills, new experiences, and remain in contact with communities, friends and families.

We understand that moving to a new home can be unsettling and take time to get used to and we work with our residents’ family and friends to make the move as easy as possible. With input from GP’s and nurses we can understand specific nursing and support needs prior to admission, identifying the levels of support and care required. We want our residents to have happy fulfilling lives, getting involved in things that interest them, seeing family and friends and having the opportunity to enrich their lives. As needs change, our care plans are reviewed. You are very welcome to contact us with any questions.

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