Why The Shelley is the Right Residential Care Home in Worthing for you

Selecting the right care home for your loved ones is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and research. In this article, we will explore the factors to consider when choosing a care home in Worthing, West Sussex, ensuring that your loved ones receive the highest quality care in a supportive and comfortable environment.

How do I know if the care home is right for my loved one?

There are different types of elderly care depending on the needs of each person and this can usually be split in residential, nursing and dementia. The difference between residential and nursing care is often defined by medical need and the mobility of the person. In a residential care home, the medical needs are less impacting on their life and a person’s mobility sufficient that they can move from room to room with just the use of a mobility aid. This is the case at The Shelley and we see ourselves at that first step into care when your loved one can’t quite look after themselves in their own home, despite support from family members or home carer’s. We do take people who have a diagnosis of Dementia or general confusion, which is mild in its nature and not impactful on their general lives at that of other’s around them.

Often a short “respite” break for 10-14 days can be a great way to sample residential care to find out if the environment is suitable. Many of our permanent residents started off have a respite stay and loved it so much that they stayed permanently! Respite stays are also beneficial for families when they are going away on holiday and want the assurance that their loved one can be looked after well.

Assessing Location and Accessibility:

Worthing has always been a favoured destination in West Sussex for people to enjoy their later years by the sea. The town in recent years has benefited from inward investment into its amenities and with is has sprung a range a new restaurants and bar, as well as growth of its shopping area with a good range of independent retailers. Easy access to the countryside also allows families to enjoy a trip to a coffee shop or local pub.

In this context, considering whether you prefer a care home in a tranquil suburb or a more scenic rural setting and whether you want close proximity to your home or workplace are important factors.  The convenience for you of visiting regularly and enjoying the access to the towns facilities and seafront can be determining factors. The Shelley can afford this to you and your loved one with it being situated in the quiet suburb of Heene and in with close walking distance to the sea front and town. The home also has on-site parking which allows your loved one’s to be easily picked up.

Researching Care Home Inspections and Ratings:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the inspectorate for health providers in England. Care homes are becoming less frequently inspected since COVID 19 as CQC adapts to the

 changing landscape of care and how they can collect data (more remotely) and target their inspections accordingly. Ratings particularly are a good indicator of the quality of the home and if the report is less than two years old, then some of the findings detailed in reports can be relevant.

CQC will assess a care home on areas such as its quality of care, the safety of their environment and the leadership of the home. The latter is often a driver for the other areas. The approach and manner in which staff carry out their jobs, how they work in a positive environment to provide the care and the support which is provided to them to improve this care and service is defined by the culture and leadership of management. Often there is a correlation between poor leadership from management and failings in the wider home.

The Shelley Residential Care Home is managed by Andy Bown and his Deputy, Belle Lee. Both have an absolute dedication to the home with Andy being the co-owner and Belle having 25 years experience in care and having worked at the home since 2015 and working her way up to Deputy Manager. The Shelley was rated as ‘Good’ in April 2022 which is always a fantastic achievement for any home. Andy and Belle have focused on re-developing the home’s systems and operations so staff have the best environment to do their jobs, one which is structured but also creates a sense of fun and enjoyment amongst the team. You can read our CQC report by clicking here

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We hope this blog has been useful in giving some tips for finding the right care home for you. It certainly isn’t an easy job but visiting the home and getting a feel for the environment and what is has to offer can be a determining factor. The Shelley is ranked on as one of the best homes in the South East and the best in West Sussex and we believe our family run home can give the best care to your loved one in a fun, safe and enjoyable way.

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8th June 2023