Activities update in August and September

At The Shelley, we’ve had another exciting month, enjoying a variety of activities. In August some of the residents visited the English Martyr’s church, in Goring-by-Sea, which has a replica of Cestine chapel ceiling. Two-thirds the scale of the original, it was painted by hand over 5 and a half years by parishioner and sign writer Gary Bevans and was completed in 1993. The residents who went were really wow’ed by the whole church and it was a great opportunity to see this in person.

We love having some cake and coffee when we’re out at on our trips and we had a few visits to different tea rooms this past month. We visited the Amberley tea rooms and made the most of the late summer heatwave sitting by the river and having some food and drink. We also enjoyed a visit to Joanna’s boutique tea rooms in Storrington and had some delicious ice cream sundae’s! Finally we did some plane spotting at Shoreham Airport, which is a favourite spot for our residents to visit.

Closer to home, we enjoyed activities in our garden as the late summer sunshine allowed us the opportunity to use our sun hats and have some ice creams for one last time this summer. We’re fortunate to have a beautiful garden and we enjoyed some word based games, singing and also an outdoor supper together. We feel community and sharing time together is important and doing that in the ambience of good weather and a nice garden makes all the difference!

the shelley worthing

the shelley worthing

15th September 2023